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Featuring: M! Edition #1

M really loves to sit next to me and watch me do my crafts.  A lot of the time he’ll ask to do his own craft, and we’ll sit side-by-side in a crafty zone!  Just about every day I hear, “Can we paint something?”  I thought it would be fun to feature some of his artwork and crafts every once in a while.
Just, Dinosaur Picture
I‘m calling this one:  Abstract Dinosaur Art.  But keep reading and you’ll see what name he gave it. He really explored color mixing with this one, and it was his first time painting with stencils. He painted this about a month ago when he was 3. He just recently had a birthday.  I was painting my canvas for the DIY Wall Art – Textured Mixed Media post at the time.

I should mention, when you ask him to smile for pictures, he gives a big cheesy smile with a scrunched up nose. So I told him to do a little smile.  It’s better, but not his natural smile. He’s still cute, though!

Just, Dinosaur Picture
Look at that awesome stenciling talent for a first-timer.  I really think it was creative how he stenciled them in one color and then went over it in another to create the green outlines.

Just, Dinosaur Picture
Love the layering of colors.

Just, Dinosaur Picture

And here’s a little interview with M, talking about his painting in his own words:

What is your favorite thing about your painting?
I like all the dinosaurs.
What’s your favorite color in the painting?
Blue, red, green.  I like three.
What is your painting called?
Just, Dinosaur Picture
How did you make it?
I painted it with colors… and made it with the stencils.
Do you remember painting it with me?

Yeah.  I like painting with you, not by myself.
What else do you want to tell me about your painting?
Hang it up!

And that I will do!

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DIY Sticker Stenciled Wall Art – Stickers from Oriental Trading Company

The Earth Without Art DIY Wall Art | https://craftandrepeat.wordpress.com
I love this quote, and knew for a while that I wanted to make some kind of wall art with it and hang it where I do my crafting.  I really like the reverse stenciling technique, where your fill color is under the stencil and your background color gets applied around it.  An easy way to do this with letter stenciling is to use stickers.  I really like this sticker pack you can get from Oriental Trading Company.  It comes with 12 sheets of stickers.  Each one has several letters of the alphabet, symbols, and punctuation. They also come with 3 different letter sizes and several styles.  So they are perfect for creating a unique looking quote.

The Earth Without Art Wall Art
The Supplies
1. canvas
acrylic paint
painting supplies
5. painter’s tape (optional)

The Directions
The Earth Without Art Wall Art
1. Paint your canvas however you would like and let it dry completely. This will be the color of your letters.  If you want each line of the quote to be a different color, measure, and paint stripes.  You can get really creative with this step!  I chose to make mine look like Earth, to match the theme of my quote.

The Earth Without Art Wall Art
2.  Spell out your words using the stickers.  I found that these stickers aren’t very sticky, so I used a hairdryer to melt the sticker glue a little once they were in place.  For stubborn stickers, I applied a really thin layer of Mod Podge under them and around the edges.  I also added some strips of vinyl so more of the first layer would show through. You could also use painter’s tape.

The Earth Without Art Wall Art
3. Paint over everything.  Make sure this layer is contrasting to your first layer, so the words really stand out.

The Earth Without Art Wall Art
4. Let it dry and remove the stickers.  Make sure you pull them straight back over themselves to get clean edges and not straight up or at an angle.

Oriental Trading Company is my go-to place for online craft supplies.  They have over 30,000 products in hundreds of categories.  Besides craft supplies, you can find party, wedding, scrapbooking, teaching, holiday, Sunday School, VBS, kids’ craft supplies, and so much more!

If you haven’t heard of Oriental Trading Company before,  a visit to their site will definitely be worth your time!  Everything is affordable, and they have a Lowest Price Guarantee.
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**This post is sponsored by Oriental Trading Company.  I received a gift card to put toward products for review.  No other compensation was received.  All opinions and reviews are written with complete honesty.  The entirety of this post is comprised of my own thoughts and words.**

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