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One Crafty Contest

If you’ve been following along on Facebook or Google+ you know by now that I’ve been voted in as one of the contestants in the One Crafty Contest! I’m so excited to be a part of this!

Anyone who wanted to enter could submit a photo of a project they made. Voting was then open to the public to vote for their top 10 favorite projects. I feel so honored to have made the cut! I’m now 1 of 20 contestants.

Wire Wrapped Agate PendantWire Wrapped Agate Pendant
This was my entry.

There are 5 rounds to the contest. Each week we are told what our material for the round will be. It must be featured in our project. For example, the first round’s material is PAINT!

Voting is open each Monday. So be sure to vote for your favorites! The rules prohibit me from telling you which projects are mine, so hopefully I make it into your favorites! Only so many contestants will move on each round until a winner is announced. There are also winners per each round.

Even if I don’t make it past the first round, I’m still just as honored to be a part of it. There are a lot of talented ladies in the competition and I can’t wait to see all the crafts they come up with! Make sure to follow me on Facebook or Google+ to stay up to date on the competition and all things CraftandRepeat! Links are in the sidebar.

A huge thanks to Amy at One Artsy Mama for hosting this awesome competition! Make sure to visit her blog. She has some mad crafting skills.



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