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Easy DIY Vinyl Monogram

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I knew I wanted some kind of monogram in L’s room.  I had already done the hanging wood letter thing when M was a baby, so I was really leaning toward vinyl decals.  I didn’t like a lot of the ones I found, and it seemed kinda pricey for just a few stickers.  So, I decided to make my own, and you can, too!

The Supplies

  1. a roll or sheet of adhesive vinyl
  2. scrap paper
  3. pencil
  4. scissors
  5. a quick Google search

The Directions

Search Google for different fonts or monograms in the letter(s) you would like to use. Or search for whole words.  Once you find one you like, make it large and visible on your screen, or print it out.  I decided I liked the look of just one letter instead of his full monogram.

The next step can be done 2 different ways.  I freehanded my letter onto my scrap paper while using my Google search as a reference, but if you aren’t feeling very artsy, just take your sized, printed letter and cut it out.  You can also use something like Word or Paint to print letters.  If you decided to draw your letters, cut them out.


Next, take your vinyl and lay the good side down (the side that will be showing). The adhesive side should be facing you.
I used adhesive vinyl made for the Cricut machine.  It comes in lots of colors.  I don’t have a Cricut, but it was a good price, and who says it HAS to be used with a Cricut? Plus, it was a decent amount of vinyl – 4 feet by 1 foot.


At this point you should have your letter(s) – or whole word(s) – cut out and your vinyl facing down.  Next take your letter(s) and place them BACKWARDS on top of your vinyl.  In other words, a ‘b’ would look like a ‘d’ when placed properly.  Arrange them so that you have minimal waste around each letter. Much like using a cookie cutter.  Place them as far to the edge and as close together as you can.

Hold your letter in place, and trace around it.  You could try taping it down if it’s sliding around a lot.  Just take your time, and hold each curve of the letter firmly as you trace it. See an example of this HERE from my upcycled mail center project.

Take a good look at what you just drew, and fix any wavy lines.

Now, cut it out!  The letter(s) I mean. 🙂

Lastly, stick it to your wall, or mirror, or dresser, or crib, or block, or box, or.. you get the point..
I found it pretty easy to eyeball the straightness, but if you’re putting up a lot, you might want to use a tape measure and a level.  I used the smoothing tool that came with my vinyl to get all the bumps out.  You could just use a craft stick or a plastic kitchen spatula with a smooth edge.

photo (41)

The best part of this project?  I have TONS of vinyl left for future projects! That L probably cost me around 50 cents.  I call that DIY success!!!

~You can use the same concept to cut out shapes.  How cute would little vinyl animals or shapes be to border a room?
~To get the best images, search for silhouettes.

Remember, if you post about this project, please be sure to give me credit and link back to me or grab a button from the sidebar. Thanks!



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Nursery Mirror

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L’s nursery has been one craft after the other.  He’s almost 1 1/2 and I still haven’t finished everything! Oops! Hopefully, I can work up to a ‘big reveal’ post before he grows out of his room!

I found a mirror at Walmart that I really liked for his room, but it wasn’t the right color.  So, easy fix? Spray paint!!
(click on pictures to make them larger)

I started by taping the inner edge of the mirror. (ignore the fingerprints)
Sorry, I don’t have a picture of the mirror before I started taping it off.


Then, using the packaging the mirror came in, I cut out a circle to cover the mirror and taped everything again.  I may have gone overboard, but I didn’t want to take any risks of getting paint on the mirror surface.


Then I took it outside and used a few coats of white paint + primer spray paint.  As you can see, I also painted the grass.  Oh well… 😉

photo (43)

Here it is hanging in the nursery.  Not much to see right now, but more nursery posts coming soon!

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