On Display Monday Link Party #6

I am so excited for this week’s link party! As promised last week, it is brought to you by not one, but FIVE blogs! That’s five times the exposure for YOU! ūüôā


So without further ado, let me introduce the lovely ladies that are co-hosting my party!

Randi @ Sowdering About
Randi @ Sowdering About

Heather @ Frugal Fit Family
Heather @ Frugal Fit Family

Shannon @ Bella Caiden
Shannon @ Bella Caiden

Britney @ The Princess & Her Cowboys
Britney @ The Princess & Her Cowboys

Please be sure to visit their blogs and WELCOME them as co-hosts!

Here’s how it works: ¬†when you link up on one blog, it will show up on ALL FIVE BLOGS! ¬†That’s a lot of extra exposure for you. ¬†Also, since there are five co-hosts, there will be five features each week! ¬†Not only will the features be shown on each blog, but they will be posted to all five Facebook pages, and on our collective Pinterest board. ¬†Are you as excited as I am?!

You may recognize 2 of the co-hosts names. ¬†That’s right! They are fellow contestants in this year’s One Crafty Contest! ¬†Randi won 2 rounds in a row! A HUGE congratulations to her!! And Shannon is in the final 3 with me!! ¬†Awesome! This is a perfect testament to just how friendly the bloggy world is. ¬†These ladies did not become rival enemies of mine, but instead, wonderful bloggy friends! I am so happy they are joining me for this party!

Speaking of the One Crafty Contest… VOTING once again starts today and ends tomorrow (Tuesday) at noon EST. This is the final round of crafts. We had to use burlap this week. Please be sure to come back WEDNESDAY to vote one last time for your favorite over-all crafter to determine the winner!

You can read all about my participation in the contest and see my past entries HERE.

Last week we had to use paper in our craft. ¬†Like I’ve already mentioned, I’ve made it into the top 3! WOW! ¬†I did not expect that!

This was my entry along with the description I submitted:
Paper Boutique

“Paper! There’s so much you can do with paper. ¬†I had a hard time deciding, but finally settled on my Paper Boutique. ¬†I made a two-part silicone mold and filled it with paper clay I made from scratch to create the three dress forms. ¬†The base of each dress form is also made from paper clay. ¬†I assembled them with dowels and started working on my dresses. ¬†
I wore out my paper punch on the dress on the left.  Each butterfly was hand placed and glued.  I made a paper flower for the belt by cutting out and shaping each petal. I made a small paper purse to match.  
The middle dress has several paper layers for the skirt, and a little bit of tulle. I paper mached the bodice on and added braided tulle for the belt. ¬†This dress was¬†accessorized¬†with a homemade ‘pearl’ necklace. ¬†
The right dress was made by layering A LOT of leaves I punched out and gluing each one in place.  This bodice is also paper mache. I added a bright necklace to match. 
When the dresses were done, I made a storefront complete with a paper banner that says ‘Boutique’. ¬†
The child in me had a lot of fun dressing up the dress forms!”


Ready to join the party?! ¬†Make sure you follow the co-hosts and me via email or Facebook. ¬†You’ll be notified of future parties and party features. ¬†That just might be you!



Please read and follow the rules before adding your link.

  1. You may link up to 3 projects that YOU have made. Please no repeats.
  2. Link DIRECTLY to your post and NOT to your main blog URL.
  3. Please no giveaways, stores, promotions, items for sale, roundups, or posts that do not belong to you.
  4. Add the party button or a visible link to your blog’s sidebar or party page.  You can find them in my sidebar on the right. This way others can find the party and join in! If you’ve been featured, grab the feature button!
  5. Follow your co-hosts and me via email or social media. This way you’ll be notified of featured projects and when the next party starts.
  6. Please be kind, and visit other links. Be extra kind and leave them a comment!

*By submitting your link you are authorizing all of the co-hosts and me to post your projects and pictures as a feature and on various social media websites along with links to your post. I have the right to delete links that do not adhere to the rules. 

On Display Monday link parties will start on Mondays and end on Fridays.

Click the frog to add your link!



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6 responses to “On Display Monday Link Party #6

  1. Beautiful paper boutique collection! Absolutely adore it. : ) I’d love to submit my link but it says the collection is closed? I’ll check back again!

  2. Why isn’t it working? I can’t add my link….


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  4. I am so happy for you ..your moving up what a great feeling you must have congrats!

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