Love Notes – DIY Frame


I’ve decided to hop on the “I love you because…” bandwagon.
This craft is so popular, I don’t know who to give the original credit to.
It’s a never-ending love note.  The glass in the frame makes it dry erasable.

The Supplies
picture frame
paper (scrapbook paper, wrapping paper, printed paper)
dry erase pens, crayons, or pencils

The Directions
You really don’t have to go out and buy a fancy frame.  You can buy a cheap one or pick one up from a thrift store or yard sale and give it a makeover. I bought a plastic $3 frame from Walmart.  It started out black, but I wanted it white.  Easy fix? Spray paint! Unfortunately, a big gust of wind blew some grass and dirt onto my last coat of paint, leaving little bumps. Sigh.

Decide how your want your “I love you because…” image to look.  You can use scrapbook paper, regular paper, wrapping paper, or really any kind of paper. Even fabric. I used scrapbook paper and stickers for my letters.  You could also write the phrase on your paper or print the whole thing out.

Put your paper in the frame, and use a dry erase utensil to write your love notes!


I decided to use kids’ dry erase crayons.  They aren’t as bold as markers, but are much easier to clean up, especially if the words get stuck on after awhile. I also like that they come in a variety of colors.

I upcycled a food container to hold the crayons, sharpener, and eraser cloth.  I covered it in coordinating scrapbook paper and painted the cardboard rim black. You could also put magnets or velcro on your pen and the back of the frame to keep them out of sight.  Since I have a bunch of crayons, I wanted a container for them.

These are so easy to make, I might start giving them as gifts – weddings, anniversaries, Valentines Day, and birthdays!

My final cost to make this project was just under $4!  The crayons cost an additional $3 and change.

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10 responses to “Love Notes – DIY Frame

  1. I totally made one of these a few months back when I first saw them going around pinterest, but I haven’t put it to use yet… I should really get on that!

  2. B. A. Schulz

    A wonderful idea to communicate love between members of the family!

  3. Lovely idea! This is a great technique to use crayons as an erasable message-writing tool–less mess to clean than using chalk for instance. The powder gets everywhere! I suppose dry-erase markers would work in the same way?

    • Yep, the dry erase crayons are great! They don’t smudge easily, but do wipe off great, and they don’t make a mess! Plus they are washable in the sense that they wash off of skin and clothes, but ALSO can be washed off the dry erase surface with soap and water if your message were to get stuck on. Crayola makes kids’ pencils and markers that do the same thing. I just find them to be better than the regular markers, because those stain clothes, and smudge easily.

  4. I’ve seen this a few times on Pinterest, I love it!! Such a cute and special way to tell your love ones you love them. I am starting a “What I’m Lovin’ Thursday” featuring a blog post I love for that week. I would love to feature this post, if that would be okay with you!!
    Let me know 🙂


  5. I’ve made a few things similar. I love how yours turned out. Found you via mamabzz hop. Hope you can stop by sometime! I am having a bunch of giveaways. One is going on right now, feel free to enter.

  6. titicrafty

    This is a super cute and thoughtful idea! I love it. I might make one!!! Thanks so much for stopping by and linking this up at Bewitch Me & Titi! Hope to have you there next Sunday with a new awesome creation!

    Hope you are having a lovely day

    Cami @ TitiCrafty by Camila

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